Golden Touch - Aligning With the Essence of You

I offer a variety of modalites to serve your healing and growth...

Yoga Classes every Thursday evening

Weekly classes at hillmorton Hospital site serve both the beginner and those with yoga experience. As winter is upon us, having a regular practice supports our heath and well-being; bolsters our immune system, and also keeps us aligned with nature and her cycles. Go to the Yoga page to find out more information or book now to register your place in this class.

Reiki I, II and II Trainings, July 2018

Reiki is a flow of Universal energy which accelerates your body's natural capacity to heal. Be initiated into Reiki and have healing hand for life. Find out more about the Level I-III Trainings in May or book now to register your place in these life changing workshops.

Reiki Master/Teacher Training, June - September 2018

Would you like to teach Reiki to others and give them the gift of healing?
The Teacher Training Programme is designed to give you the skills to become a confident and professional Reiki Master/Teacher. The group is limited to 6 students, to serve your personal needs and learning styles, so book now and begin a new soulful career path. 

Creative Therapies

Is this you?

  • Does stress, anxiety, depression or fear hold you back in life?
  • Would you like to be free of addictions or compulsions?
  • Irritated in your relationships – with partner, child or work colleague
  • Stuck in the blame game?
  • Is it difficult to accept yourself wholeheartedly -  your body, your habits or your personality?
  • Feeling isolated? A sense of emptiness? The nagging thought that there must be more to your life?

Golden Touch Therapies includes techniques and processes to
address all the above issues so that you can:

  • Release stress, anxiety, depression and fear
  • Generate self-love and acceptance
  • Enable appropriate responses, instead of reactions, to life’s challenges
  • Create stable, happy, fulfilling relationships
  • Culture your relationship with the ‘presence’ within, your inner source of connection, purpose and abundant fullness

I offer unique and practical tools to facilitate your healing and growth,
so that you may thrive in your life.
Whether it be through therapy, yoga
or by recieving Reiki; I work in a clear, compassionate and caring way.
Contact me to find out how I can
support you.