A Revolutionary Approach to Living a
Rich and Fulfilling Life

Is this you?

  • Does stress, anxiety, depression or fear hold you back in life?
  • Would you like to be free of addictions or compulsions?
  • Irritated in your relationships – with partner, child or work colleague
  • Stuck in the blame game?
  • Is it difficult to accept yourself wholeheartedly -  your body, your habits or your personality?
  • Feeling isolated? A sense of emptiness? The nagging thought that there must be more to your life?

Goldentouch Therapies has techniques and processes to
address all the above issues so that you can:

  • Release stress, anxiety, depression and fear
  • Generate self-love and acceptance
  • Enable appropriate responses, instead of reactions, to life’s challenges
  • Create stable, happy, fulfilling relationships
  • Culture your relationship with the ‘presence’ within, your inner source of connection, purpose and abundant fullness

I offer unique and practical tools to facilitate your healing and growth,
so that you may thrive in your life.
Whether it be through therapy, yoga
or by recieving Reiki; I work in a clear, compassionate and caring way.
Contact me to find out how I can
support you.